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Consulting and innovation in logistics centre

CIRCOE is an innovation and technologies transfer centre specialized in transport and logistics based in Le Havre, Normandy, which aims at stimulating economic development.

We customize our services according to your needs; from small, medium-sized companies to large industrials or logistics providers.


CIRCOE brings its logistics expertise to companies and public organisations in order to improve their logistics performance and assist them in their strategic logistics choices.

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CIRCOE initiates and carries out innovation and / or collaborative projects in order to develop new logistics concepts and to anticipate changes.

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European projects

CIRCOE experiment new logistical concepts at a European level.

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Conseil et innovation en logistique

Developing your logistics performance, integrating the latest technologies, innovating in order to provide new services to your customers… 

Our name has changed, but not our philosophy nor our values. With this new name, we wanted to assert our dynamism and our continuous approach towards innovation in logistics, but also our uniqueness. Discover in this video what has happened over CIRCOE first year!

Our roots

Since 1992, Circoe (formerly CRITT T&L) has been developing logistics performance and innovation for its customers. Circoe has adopted methodologies and tools to respond in the most relevant way to the needs of each company, both in the upstream diagnostic and strategic analysis phases as well as in the operational phases (3D simulation, project management, etc.).

Circoe has a stronghold in the Normandy area as it was created by major players (CCI, Ports, Universities, urban communities). It is well connected and federates a network of recognized and competent partners in the logistics field such as Logistique Seine-Normandie, Nov @ log, ADNormandie, IDIT…

Our tools


FlexSim is a 3D simulation software allowing to design and optimize logistics or production flows in all types of industries: production, packaging, warehousing, handling… It is equipped with a complete range of powerful tools such as 3D visualization and immersion into virtual reality, or even dashboards to centralize all the statistical information that sheds light on the system behaviour and performance. It is a decision-making tool but also a powerful training and communication tool.

Some examples: restructuring of a production line, deployment of automated storage systems, scaling of new activities, layout design and its associated traffic plan …

Simulation et optimisation de flux Flexsim
Transept Solveur

Transept SOLVEUR is a tool used for the design, scaling and optimization of flows and transport networks. It allows to simulate and optimize the logistics scheme at strategic and tactical levels. Different scenarios can be quickly tested and compared by assessing various Key Performance Indicators such as cost, time, kilometres or CO2 impact …

Some examples: positioning of platforms (addition, deletion, blank page, etc.), search for distribution areas, sizing of the flow plan, scaling and planning of resources, implementation of a transport plan and route planning…

Schéma directeur logistique Transept