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Our expertise in EU project management

Project set-up

Project set-up

Our expertise in innovative logistics solutions allows us to come up with ideas that fit European programmes’ priorities. Thanks to our extensive European network, we maintain a strong link with EU officers.

We are able to oversee the whole process of setting-up projects from writing the proposal to submitting it. This involves the skill to define budgets, to gather the relevant partners in order to build consortia.



Project management

Project management

Our past experience in project management derives from our expertise in setting up innovative tools for management steering, budget monitoring, financial reporting and dissemination.

We are a human-size team which is responsive and attentive to details; we find satisfaction in the success of the projects we are part of.



Project set up

Keep updated on Programme orientations, calls and financing schemes

Find new innovative ideas that fit Programme priorities

Prepare and submit project proposals

Build up a successful consortium

Define and allocate budgets

Communicate and discuss with EU officers

Project management

Set up tools for project steering and budget monitoring

Organise and lead steering committees and workshops

Validate project outputs

Perform financial reporting and manage EU funds

Monitor project actions, investments and budgets

Develop a proactive and close relationship with the Joint Technical Secretariat



Our know-how, expertise and methodology in carrying out logistics and supply chain consulting missions.


Our experience in optimizing logistics activities, designing and deploying information systems and technologies dedicated to logistics, proven over 25 years.

The team

A human-sized team, with strong responsiveness, expert in reorganizing activity in the service of performance.


Our independence in order to carry out the mission in all objectivity and impartiality in the service of your company.


Our knowledge and experience of the latest technologies applied to logistics.

Our tools


FlexSim is a 3D simulation software allowing to design and optimize logistics or production flows in all types of industries: production, packaging, warehousing, handling… It is equipped with a complete range of powerful tools such as 3D visualization and immersion into virtual reality, or even dashboards to centralize all the statistical information that sheds light on the system behaviour and performance. It is a decision-making tool but also a powerful training and communication tool.

Some examples: restructuring of a production line, deployment of automated storage systems, scaling of new activities, layout design and its associated traffic plan …

Simulation et optimisation de flux Flexsim
Transept Solveur

Transept SOLVEUR is a tool used for the design, scaling and optimization of flows and transport networks. It allows to simulate and optimize the logistics scheme at strategic and tactical levels. Different scenarios can be quickly tested and compared by assessing various Key Performance Indicators such as cost, time, kilometres or CO2 impact …

Some examples: positioning of platforms (addition, deletion, blank page, etc.), search for distribution areas, sizing of the flow plan, scaling and planning of resources, implementation of a transport plan and route planning…

Schéma directeur logistique Transept

Our customers

We are logistics specialists and we operate in all business sectors involving logistics. Our aim is to offer you a new vision of your organization while taking into account your business constraints.
From small businesses to large groups, we adapt our offer and our solutions to your needs.
Here are some examples of industries where we have already worked for:

  • Logistics service, warehousing, transport commission …
  • Transport: road, river, multimodal
  • Industry
  • Public sector
  • Maritime
  • Cosmetics and health
  • Agriculture and agro-food
  • Chemistry and petrochemicals
  • Energy and environment
  • Construction

They trust us

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