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Interreg North Sea
Number of partners:
2023 – 2026
Innovation project

InnoWaTr– Innovative Waterway Transportation 2.0.

Improve IWT environmental performance through innovations and a multi stakeholder freight flow approach and follow-up. InnoWatr introduces a new collaborative approach acting as a hands-on and inspiring strategy for massive follow up. The InnoWatr solution changes focus from IWT entrepreneur alone to a freight flow level, including all relevant stakeholders.

Uniting stakeholders in dedicated freight flow coalitions, interests, responsibilities & benefits, costs & benefits are shared, resulting in a proven model approach that works.InnoWatr validates an approach based on 8 identified existing freight flows, incorporating all relevant stakeholders.

InnoWaTr 2.0


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Interreg North Sea programme

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